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Unmissable Seminars

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  • Dr Rick Seah: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Dr Rick Seah

    Injection therapies for soft tissue and peripheral joints

  • Donna Strachan and Ulrik Sandstrom: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Donna Strachan and Ulrik Sandstrom

    Total Taping – a conceptual approach for immediate functional change

  • Kevin Parry: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Kevin Parry

    Get More Patients – Convert more website visitors into patients

  • Philippa Weitz: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Philippa Weitz

    Best practices when working therapeutically online and common issues a therapist has to deal with

  • Trevor Donald: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Trevor Donald

    Technology in Rehab is it paying it’s way

  • Paula Esson: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Paula Esson

    The importance of superficial fascia and rehabilitation. The missing piece?

  • Colin Brown: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Colin Brown

    Topical Pain Relief – The Physiological & Therapeutic Effectiveness

  • Warren Cass: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Warren Cass

    Building your practice reputation in a social economy

  • Ulrich Ghisler: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Ulrich Ghisler

    Benefits of using a skiing ergometer ThoraxTrainer in rehabilitation and traning for sports like football, triathlon and other sports

  • Dave Mott: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Dave Mott

    The Use Of Whole Body Vibration for Accelerated Recovery

The Latest Products And Technologies

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Learning to Walk Again

The human body has an immense capacity to heal and recover, but it’s hardly an easy feat. The road to recovery can be a long and grueling one. The KineAssist is a stand-alone, patient-driven platform that facilitates a large number of therapeutic exercises in a single location.


COPA exhibitor - Salli Systems

Millions of working days are lost annually all over the world due to back problems. The wrong position of the back and the sitting pressure on muscles and other soft tissues disturb circulation and metabolism and cause problems all over our bodies.


PhysioTools launches new PT Momentum app worldwide

PhysioTools and GoodLife Technology have developed a service through which clients can receive their personalized exercise programs on their mobile devices.