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PHYSIOLAB: a single solution for cooling, warming and compression.

We believe we need products as advanced as our own bodies. PHYSIOLAB® specialises in human performance equipment. Our machines deliver clinically effective compression and contrast therapies including cryotherapy and thermotherapy.

Our innovative Elite unit provides an intuitive clinical toolkit to support physiotherapists, surgeons and clinicians. This includes accelerating soft tissue repair following injury, trauma or surgery, preventing injury in advance of activity and aiding recovery after exercise.

By using cooling, heating and compression combined or separately, PHYSIOLAB delivers a precise, targeted, repeatable and clinically effective treatment which genuinely maximises the body`s ability to recover. This level of precision and repeatability has simply never been possible before.

As experts in human performance equipment PHYSIOLAB`s innovative design overcomes the limitations of existing technologies, driving clinical practice forward to create clarity.

PHYSIOLAB: Making the intangible tangible

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