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Digital Infrared Thermography for athletes in any sport allows coach, physio, and another medical professional to monitor the physical adaptions to training, competition and recovery of these athletes. This allows for swift intervention to take place resulting in optimum performance and sporting longevity.

With Digital Infrared Thermography we can identify early signs of acute inflammation or asymmetries in muscle responses to training or competition. We can also monitor current injuries and identify when the injury has resolved to allow the athlete to safely get back to training when their body is fully ready.

Using Thermography as a training, monitoring and diagnostic tool alongside other traditional methods of performance monitoring can seriously prolong an athlete's career and enhance their sporting performance to a level beyond their previous abilities.

SportTherm are a team of Sport Scientists and Coaches who are experts in this field and train sports professionals including Coaches, Physiotherapists, Personal Trainers, Doctors and the Athletes themselves with the theory and practical knowledge required to use this modality to enhance sporting performance and keep athletes in the game.

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