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  • Jill Woods: Speaking at COPA Practice Growth

    Jill Woods
    Healthcare Practice Marketing Coach

    Why Your Practice Marketing isn’t Working & How to Fix it

  • Tor Davies: Speaking at COPA Practice Growth

    Tor Davies
    Trained Physio and Marketing Expert

    How to Generate a Stream of New Clients Without Even Trying

  • Arjan Kuipers: Speaking at COPA Practice Growth

    Arjan Kuipers
    Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist

    Brain based clinical screening protocol for children with neurodevelopmental problems.

  • Wes Marshall: Speaking at COPA Practice Growth

    Wes Marshall

    neck pain and necksaviour – What? Why? and how to use.

  • Steven Berkman: Speaking at COPA Practice Growth

    Steven Berkman
    Founder of BOOST PHYSIO

    How I went from 90 appointments per month to 1,300+

  • Dave Mott: Speaking at COPA Practice Growth

    Dave Mott
    Leading Sports Physio

    The Use Of Whole Body Vibration for Accelerated Recovery

  • Johannes Luijten: Speaking at COPA Practice Growth

    Johannes Luijten

    Exploring the possibilities of Virtual Reality in rehabilitation

  • John Pacey-Lowrie: Speaking at COPA Practice Growth

    John Pacey-Lowrie
    Prosthetics Expert

    Bespoke Ocular Prosthetics

  • David Clancy: Speaking at COPA Practice Growth

    David Clancy
    Isokinetic Medical Group London

    The role of neuro-motor exercise training in the return-to-training strategy

  • Mark Jenkins : Speaking at COPA Practice Growth

    Mark Jenkins
    British Army - Rowing2Recovery

    The story of 4 servicemen, with 5 legs and 7 arms between them and their attempt to row unsupported across an ocean


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  • Functional Fascia: Copa Osteo Exhibitor

    Functional Fascia

    Stand No: 4064

  • NCORE: Copa Osteo Exhibitor


    Stand No: 7076

  • FysioMeter: Copa Osteo Exhibitor


    Stand No: 9070

  • HipTrac UK Limited: Copa Osteo Exhibitor

    HipTrac UK Limited

    Stand No: 8042

  • Performance Health: Copa Osteo Exhibitor

    Performance Health

    Stand No: 3042

  • Lorisian: Copa Osteo Exhibitor


    Stand No: 7120

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