Julian Baker

Functional Fascia

Julian Baker has been a hands-on therapist for over 25 years. The founder of the European College of Bowen Studies, he has taught thousands of students The Bowen Technique, a non invasive system of fascial release. He is the author of two books on Bowen and Fascia and has contributed hundreds of articles about bodywork, fascia, dissection and the human form.

A popular and sought after speaker, Julian has presented widely at conferences around the world and is on the organising committee of the British Fascia Symposium. Since 2006 he has been leading human dissection courses throughout the UK focusing on fascia and connective tissue structures, rather than standard anatomy. From these studies we are able to see that the traditional way of teaching how and why the body works needs adjustment and a shift in understanding.

His dissection classes aim to deepen the understanding of human movement, how we get injured or stuck and what happens to us when we do and to use this information to benefit the clients with whom we work.

Julian’s dissection classes simplify and make the understanding of functional movement accessible and easy to understand.

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A New Anatomy

Anatomy teaching started 300 years ago and has changed little since then. We still learn our gross anatomy from 2-dimensional images in books. Is it time for a more functional approach and what would this look like? Traditional anatomy is reductionist and doesn’t address the whole body. Our functional understanding is often limited in its approaches and leaves a gap in many therapeutic practices. A wider understanding of body wide relationships is essential for the clinician. The existing model often fails to encompass the wider picture and struggles to define anatomical relationships.