Matt Hudson

Body Mind Workers

Matt Hudson B.A. Ed. Hons - Behavioural Change Consultant, author and authority on how the mind actually works.

With over two decades of client work supporting his theories of how the mind influences the brain. Always educational, engaging and fun, Matt Hudson has a long history of success within the field of personal development. He has and still continues to push the boundaries of what is possible for a person’s health, intelligence and wellbeing.

His passion is unconscious communication and helping others to realise the message that their spirit is sending them via their body. Often the most unreachable and most hopeless cases are transformed into positive outcomes for clients and Matt has managed to distill his eclectic approach into a trainable program.

The Hudson Process© is the method used to read a person’s non-verbal communication as they associate into their problem and then to create a feedback loop, which transforms the brain chemistry, thus creating change at a neurological level that is fast, effective and long lasting.

Body Mind Workers© has been specifically designed to take you, if you are interested in how your mind works, to the top of your game.

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The Mind is Not the Brain

What if your Mind is not Your Brain? This is the question that Matt Hudson wants you to consider as you go through your day-to-day life. The impact of this question, if it is true, is far reaching and may hold the answer to many modern health and wellbeing issues. In the past few years Matt’s work has been documented and articulated into a training program, its roots are within the fields of linguistics, philosophy, cognitive science, quantum physics, ethology, psychology and education. The aim is to sort and not just support dis-ease. Did you ever wonder how your brain works? Why does your body react the way it does in certain contexts or situations? You probably already know that your mind is not your brain; so, the next logical step is for you to see this for yourself, with a live demonstration.