Tor Davies

Trained Physio and Marketing Expert

Tor began her professional life training as a physiotherapist at Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge, UK. She went on to complete a BSc in Sport & Exercise Science at the University of Birmingham whilst also achieving a WTA international tennis ranking.

After graduation she trained as a marketeer with a London marketing agency and then moved into medical journalism where her passion for publishing was born. At 27 she established sportEX medicine, a quarterly journal for general practitioners focusing on sport and exercise medicine.
With a passion for technology as well as publishing and sport, Tor''s leadership grew sportEX into the Co-Kinetic journal and website which included a more collaborative, royalty-based form of publishing as well as a wider content remit. As well as the quarterly magazine Co-Kinetic offerings now include e-learning opportunities, breaking clinical research infographics, marketing kits for therapists, business growth tools, and a business discount club.
Tor''s focus is providing resources to help practitioners and therapists develop their businesses and to work more efficiently and effectively, a topic that she speaks regularly on at global conferences.

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Tactical Planning: Making Social Media Pay as a Physical or Massage Therapist

In my earlier presentation I share with you a really brilliant technique for building your business, and selling yourself without ever having to be salesy.

In this presentation I’ll take things a step further and show you how to use this technique within a customer-acquisition funnel. I’ll describe a strategy in which social media leads can be moved through the funnel towards the ultimate outcome of a paying customer and share with you some tips and tricks for automating this process and making it as smooth and time-efficient as possible.