Afni Shah-Hamilton

Owner at Tiptoe Foot Care

Afni Shah-Hamilton has been running Tiptoe Foot Care, a successful private podiatry practice in Barnet, North London for more than ten years. The practice has grown considerably in the past two years, taking on more staff and seeing a 20% increase in appointments.

Afni previously worked within the NHS and also spent three years working as a Union-Learn Project Worker for the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists. In this role she helped to disseminate information on implementing new medical standards and was encouraging and facilitating ongoing relevant training and development with both private practitioners and NHS staff. She also created and chaired the Barnet regional private practice networking group.

Afni has a BSc in Podiatric Medicine from UCL and an MSc in Public Service Policy and Management from Kings College, London. She is passionate about improving health awareness and believes that maximising specialist knowledge through multi-disciplinary co-operation, such as that seen at COPA, is crucial in delivering superior patient outcomes.

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