Alix Chadwell

University of Salford

Alix is currently in her 3rd year studying for a PhD at the University of Salford as part of a Graduate Teaching Studentship. Having gained a grounding in Medical Engineering at the University of Bath, she now works with a multi-disciplinary team including Engineers, a Prosthetist and a Psychologist as part of Salford’s Rehabilitation Technologies and Biomedical Engineering Research Group.

Her research aims to provide a better understanding of the reality of myoelectric prosthesis use. She has developed a protocol allowing her to characterise 3 different aspects of prosthesis control (skill in generating the control signals, reliability of signal detection and delays in hand response) and assess their relative impact on measures of functionality and prosthesis usage. It is hoped that this study will be the largest experimental study of prosthesis users in the UK to date.

Since beginning her PhD Alix has published 2 journal papers on the research, presented at a number of conferences, and presented her work at Parliament in the final of STEM for Britain 2017.

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Objective assessment of prosthesis use outside of the clinic

Activity monitors offer an objective measure of real-world upper limb activity. In this seminar I will introduce a new method I have developed for the visualisation of patterns in upper limb activity over time. This is the first study to use activity monitors to assess prosthesis usage. These methods allow researchers and clinicians to quickly establish the level of reliance on the anatomic hand, and detect patterns in prosthesis use/non-use.