Arjan Kuipers

Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist

Arjan Kuipers is a chiropractor (A.E.C.C 1992) and board certified chiropractic neurologist (A.C.N.B 1997) with a specialisation in neurodevelopmental disorders and brain based postural correction. He helps clinicians and parents to successfully implement training and treatment programs for children with learning and behavioural disorders. Arjan is known for his insightful and discerning way of solving problems and his clinical programs have been used to help hundreds of children. Arjan has lectured throughout Europe for a wide variety of audiences, ranging from parents, chiropractors to geneticists and psychiatrists. He is the author of: Help My Child Has ADHD/Autism, The 10 Best Out- of-the-Box Solutions For Changing Learning and Behavioural Problems.

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Brain based clinical screening protocol for children with neurodevelopmental problems.

The presentation of a functional neurological screening protocol to quickly assess the neurological, axial and postural problem areas that can be addressed by the chiropractor, specialized physiotherapist and/or osteopath when seeing children with learning and behavioral in practice. This assessment forms the basis for appropriate decision making when constructing a successful treatment and training plan.