Chris & Karene Lambert-Gorwyn

Passion to Profit for Practitioners

With two decades experience in the Practitioner world, Chris and Karene learned the hard way how to be successful. Chris is one of the Leading Experts in Long Term Back Pain, yet for many years was totally clueless about business! It wasn’t until Chris was over £100,000 in debt that he and Karene figured out the 5 Step Success System that they teach around the world today. 12 months later they had built a six-figure practice and won a business award for growing their clinic income over 650%!

Alongside running Chris’s successful clinic, Chris and Karene created Passion to Profit for Practitioners to share their expertise with other struggling practitioners. Sharing stages around the world with Business Titans such as Kevin Harrington (US TV Show Shark Tank), Sir Richard Branson, and Kane and Alessia Minkus (#1 Global Business Coaches), Chris and Karene have personally trained over 1000 practitioners from 11 different countries how to build a six-figure practice.

Passionate about making a difference, Chris and Karene practice Social Entrepreneurism. Having had cancer himself as a teenager, Chris is a Trustee of the charity Teens Unite Fighting Cancer and they raise thousands of pounds every year for charitable causes.

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Get More Clients! Help More People! Make More Money!

Would you like more clients?
Or maybe earn more money doing the work you love?
If you could learn the Top 3 Strategies for practitioners to get more clients would that be useful?

In this seminar, Chris and Karene want to teach you how to get more clients, help more people and make more money so you can create your own six-figure practice!

Sharing expertise gained from two decades experience in the practitioner world, multi-award winning entrepreneurs Chris and Karene will be candid about what actually works vs what is popular when it comes to running a successful Practitioner Business. Focusing on how to get more clients through your door, they will share the 5 Step System they have taught around the world to over 1000 practitioners.

If you would like to get more clients, help more people or make more money, this is the seminar for you!