Chris & Karene Lambert-Gorwyn

Passion to Profit for Practitioners

Chris & Karene Lambert-Gorwyn are the UK’s #1 Practitioner Business Mentors and have trained hundreds of Practitioners throughout Europe how to build a 6 Figure Income!

With 2 decades experience in the Practitioner World, Chris knows first-hand what it is like to have the expertise yet struggle to survive financially. A few years ago he was over £100,000 in debt and faced giving up being an Osteopath so he could get a ‘real job’! 12 months later he had a 6 Figure Practice and won a Business Award for growing his clinic income over 650%!

Realising more Practitioners needed to know how to grow their own Practices like Chris, Karene drew on 15 years experience helping businesses increase profits and together they co-created the unique Practitioner Business Training Platform called the Passion to Profit for Practitioners Mentorship. This is where they teach the 5 Step Success System that helped Chris triple his income in 6 just weeks and grow to a 6 figure Practice in just 10 months!

If you’re frustrated with feeling like the world’s best kept secret, or you want your team of Associates to build bigger client lists, connect with Chris and Karene now on

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How to build a 6 Figure+ Practitioner Income!

Would you like more clients?

This full-packed Training will teach you how to attract your Ideal Clients, how to differentiate yourself from your competition and how to build a 6 Figure Income without having to sell any products or do any online marketing!
Whether you’re a solo practitioner looking to earn more money, or a well-established clinic looking to get your Associates busier, learning the secrets to Attraction Marketing and how to solve the 5 biggest Practitioner Business Challenges will transform your Practice!

Entertaining, fun and jam-packed with cutting-edge Business Strategies and Advice you’ll be able to implement the very next day in your Practice, make sure you grab a seat to this Training now before they’re all gone!