David Rose

Limbless Association

David Rose experienced limb loss as a young man 37 years ago and as a result of a serious road traffic accident. He was very lucky to survive the trauma associated with the accident and spent a number of months in traction whilst beginning a long journey that would eventually lead to a good recovery, albeit with the loss of his right leg above the knee.

At that time, there was very little support available to promote effective rehabilitation and David was fortunate to have a good circle of family and friends to provide the support that can be so vital throughout the crucial early months of post-amputation rehabilitation. He was also very lucky to have an understanding employer who undertook to keep his then job open for as long as was necessary.

Thereafter, David has devoted himself to many areas of public service and in particular, supporting the work of the Limbless Association in his current role as one of their Vice-Presidents. He is a keen off-road cyclist and enjoys swimming, having previously played cricket to club league standard. David is also a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

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Life Beyond Limb Loss (the road to recovery)

A description of some of the physical and psychological challenges that may be encountered during the post-amputation rehabilitation process.

The seminar will be based on the personal experiences of an above-knee amputee who has also many years experience of providing peer support to the limb loss community via the LA''s Volunteer Visitor programme.