David Sheehan

FastForm Medical

David is an entrepreneur, inventor, CEO and founder of FastForm Research and related companies.
That journey involved building, financing and managing a medical device technology company from an initial concept, to the establishment of a subsidiary in the USA and strategic partnerships to supply a latent demand for better fracture management products.
At FastForm, aside for Sales and marketing and commercialization of the company’s products,
David plays a pivotal role in developing proprietary technology, designing innovative class 1 medical products and generating IP for the company.
Prior to founding FastForm, David held senior engineering and management roles in Germany, Korea, Spain, etc. in the areas of R&D, engineering and manufacturing and secured a business degree during that time.

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Custom-fitted orthoses for advanced Fracture & soft tissue treatment; Demonstrations

In this seminar and demonstration, learn how to easily mould and apply a custom-fitted FastForm orthosis to enhance the comfort and healing experience of active athletes.

Physicians can now provide state of the art clinical solutions to active athletes for a better healing experience from injury through to recovery and also benefit from reduced procedures and costs. FastForm''s range of custom mouldable lightweight casts, splints and braces ensure a perfect anatomical fit and provide excellent support and immobilization for fracture management, and the treatment of joints and soft tissue injuries. Uniquely, FastForm''s durable orthoses are ultra-mouldable, breathable, waterproof, adjustable and multi-functional. This means that FastForm’s orthoses can be adjusted to compensate for swelling and muscle atrophy, easily removed & reapplied for limb inspection, range of motion exercises and rehabilitation - ideal for active athletes.