Donna Draper

ScenarWorld Ltd

Donna is a SCENAR Therapist and Trainer. She graduated from Westminster University with a BSc(Hons) Degree in Health Sciences and Homeopathy. She is a qualified Adult Educator, Health & Well Being Life Coach and a Bio-Energetic (Asyra) Practitioner.

Since being introduced to SCENAR pain relief technology many years ago, Donna has successfully incorporated this advanced and effective treatment into her own practice, with excellent results.

She is qualified by RITM OKB (the manufacturers of SCENAR) to train Practitioners and Therapists in the use of the device.

Donna works in partnership with Mark Conrad at Scenarworld, alongside an established and professional team, to provide good quality, specialist SCENAR training and support, both in the UK and in the Netherlands. Scenarworld, is part of the NutriVital Group based in Petersfield, Hampshire. For more than fifteen years, the NutriVital Group has provided training, products and support to hundreds of natural health practitioners across the UK, Europe and beyond, helping them to secure outstanding good health for their clients, naturally.

Donna has her own busy practice in the east of Kent.

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SCENAR … everything you hoped that TENS might have been.

This presentation will summarise the differences between TENS and SCENAR devices and explain how SCENAR is an evolutionary step in healing and pain relief. SCENAR is a hand-held device that delivers electric impulses through the skin like a TENS machine, but that is where the comparison ends. TENS is mainly used to provide relief from pain but often become less effective over time due to the body adapting to the signals.
The SCENAR device is highly-sophisticated, computerised Bio Feedback device that works by stimulating the brain with a constantly varying signal that stimulates the C-Fibres in the nervous system to generate Neuropeptides, the key bio-chemicals needed by the body to heal itself. The Scenar is a user friendly, compact handheld device that can be easily integrated into the toolkit of the Professional practitioner. RITM SCENAR devices are CE Mark certified (the highest standard for manufacturing medical devices in the world).