Dr Robert Pender

Clinical Director of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.Co.UK

Dr Pender is renowned as an early pioneer in the field of Hyperbaric medicine. .
On completion of his studies, gaining a Phd medical Science and advanced diploma in Hyperbaric Medicine, Dr Pender trained under Dr Richard Neubaeur a leading Neurologist and Dean of American College of Hyperbaric Medicine.
In 1993 he then moved over to the Baltic area of the world to research how HBOT could benefit children with birth brain injuries.

On returning to the UK, Dr Rob continued as a freelance consultant in HBOT presenting the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen to a wide range of Medical establishments worldwide.
He has now jointly opened The Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Centre at The Chelsea Bridge Clinic in London.
Dr Robert Pender is a:Fellow Royal Society of Medicine / Fellow Underwater Hyperbaric Medical Society / Fellow American College of Hyperbaric Medicine./Member International Hyperbaric Medical Society
Rob has vast experience with HBOT and has witnessed many amazing results.

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Why does HBOT speed up the healing process?

Athletes: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy provides faster recovery from injuries, sharper performance, and longer, more intense training regimens. It is a safe way to help athletes achieve peak performance levels.

Pre- and Post-Operation Patients: Before a procedure, HBOT can help prepare your body for faster recovery. After surgery, it not only helps decrease tissue inflammation, bruising, and swelling, but it also has an anti-microbial effect which reduces instances of post-operation infection.

Cancer Patients Undergoing Radiation: HBOT can help when used as a mainstream treatment for the prevention and treatment of osteoradionecrosis, a term for delayed bone damage caused by radiation therapy.

Everyone: While obviously beneficial for those suffering from various ailments and injuries, there are huge benefits for everyday people simply looking to lead a more complete life. Great for body detoxification also helps people dealing with fatigue, stress, insomnia, and chronic illness improve their overall well-being.