Dragana Žarković


Dragana Žarković is a physical therapist and Ph.D. candidate at Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Sports and Physical education, Department of Anatomy and Biomechanics. For the last 6 years, she has been working intensively in different fields of physiotherapy and neurorehabilitation for children´s and adult patients. She found very close relationship between conventional physiotherapy and different physical modalities, which can improve the health condition and quality of life of her patients. In 2015 she joined the BTL company, where she works as product manager and clinical specialist for medical devices used in physiotherapy. Dragana applies comprehensive and functional approach for every patient individually and teaches this approach at her home university and at clinical workshops worldwide to other medical professionals. Apart from her interest in the physiotherapy, research and development of medical devices and their clinical implementation, she is interested in musculoskeletal ergonomics

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For the last 2 years I have the great pleasure to participate on product development and to work with the BTL Super Inductive System (SIS). SIS presents the innovative technology for treatment of neuromuscular and joint-skeletal diseases by using high intensity electromagnetic field. Therapy is based on the interaction of high intensity electromagnetic field with the human body causing depolarization of the neuromuscular tissue. SIS brings therapeutic effects such as relieving the pain of any origin, releasing spinal joint blockages, relaxing and strengthening of weakened muscles. I appreciate its wide clinical applicability, easy of use and immediate therapeutic results.