Gail Biddulph

Gail Biddulph blends practical performance psychology with business fundamentals to help ambitious business owners to develop profitable businesses. A business psychologist and experienced business consultant she has developed an intuitive understanding of how successful businesses tick after working with hundreds of clients over the last 20 years.

The author of “How Your Brain Is Blocking Your Business”, Gail blends her extensive knowledge of psychology and neuroscience to help business owners overcome the blockages they face when growing their business.

As serial entrepreneur, she has set up, managed and sold 4 of her own businesses, one in the health and wellness sector. A qualified therapist in her own right, she still practices her hands on therapies with her private business clients and finds it to be just as beneficial as the practical business advice she provides.

As well as delighting business owners with explosive growth Gail is an Advanced Motorcyclist and loves nothing more than exploring the roads of North Wales on her 1200cc BMW motorbike. She is famous for being the first woman to complete a documented motorcycle ride round the coast of Great Britain that she wrote about in her first book “One Woman, Two Wheels, 3989 miles”. (199 words)

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Why Your Brain May Be Blocking Your Business Growth

Discover the impact on your business growth of your cognitive biases, your brain chemistry and how fast you think. Your brain could be the difference between your business thriving or merely surviving. Business Psychologist and serial entrepreneur Gail Biddulph will take you on a practical canter through neuroscience, performance psychology and business fundamentals to help you identify what might be holding your business back and what to do about it.