Jessica Nelson

Omega Laser

Research and Clinical Director of Omega Laser Systems, Jessica Nelson has been involved in Low Level Laser Therapy for some 20 years. Over this time and building on the founding research work undertaken with Omega equipment, she has personally facilitated studies focusing on clinical effectiveness and closely witnessed the development of laser phototherapy understanding.

In her role heading up the UK’s longest established LLLT manufacturer, she is ideally placed to keep up to date with the latest clinical practice. Effectively acting as a network hub for information from researchers and customer clinicians across the world, she has built up a specialised and substantive multi-discipline knowledge-base, unique in the laser field, and is frequently consulted on research projects.

Jessica is involved in training both domestically and overseas, utilising her skills from several years’ post-graduation experience of international teaching, notably in Japan. In the UK she is regularly invited by professional societies and health trusts to deliver her accessible introductory courses on laser phototherapy to practitioners from a variety of fields.

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Laser Learnings vs Fake News

Is ''trumped-up'' trading about to restrict your practice?

Laser PhotoBioModulation, also known as Low Level Laser Therapy, has multiple applications from soft tissue healing to pain relief and is probably the best supported electrotherapy available for physical therapists, with hundreds of published clinical studies and thousands of lab studies building to get its effectiveness recognised.

However, as we begin to see professionals, understandably impressed with the results of the therapy, make clinical decisions based on some of the back-stories they''ve been given rather than the reality of why the treatment is successful, Jessica Nelson explains how this could lead to restricted access to laser treatment for patients and therapists alike and argues that it''s essential to understand the proven underlying principles.

Summarising key findings from independent published research and evidencing challenges to assertions disguised as givens, Jessica provides the information to help distinguish the evidence from the hype.
A critical session for those considering laser equipment, and those responsible for the accuracy of information they carry and disseminate.