Jørgen R. Jørgensen

Center for Rehabilitation of Brain Injury (CRBI)

I graduated as a Physiotherapist in 1994 and as a Master of Neurorehabilitation in 2015. Since 1995, I have been employed at the CRBI in Copenhagen, which is a non-profit organization that specializes in offering interdisciplinary outpatient rehabilitation of the neuropsychological, linguistic, and physical challenges of acquired brain injury (ABI). My past 15 years have mainly been devoted to clinical work and ongoing development of our gait training programme for persons with ABI in collaboration with The University of Copenhagen, the Centre for Muscle Research Copenhagen, and the National Research Centre for the Working Environment.
In 2003, I contributed to the development of a prototype for bodyweight support together with a Danish company called Ergolet. The prototype has since then been used in research, further development, and, for the last 12 years, has been an integral part of our intensive gait rehabilitation.

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The functional pitfalls of inactivity after stroke.

The focus of the presentation is on the physiological muscle changes and decreased cardiovascular function that occurs after stroke. These changes caused by inactivity have an additional effect, not only on the physical level of functioning, but also on cognition and comorbidities.

Functional training of the cardiovascular system, is an effective and efficient intervention that can counter the adverse effect of post-stroke inactivity. Bodyweight supported training in various machines is used at the CRBI and video examples will illustrate our intervention. Own and international research supporting this will be presented.