Lydia Campbell


Lydia Campbell a renowned Fitness Industry expert of over 40 years, director of FitCamps, Trigger Point Pilates and Pulseroll Instructor training. She became an Integrated Myofascia therapist in 2007 combining with Pilates and Sports therapy to create results for her clients and educate the fitness world on self-myofascia release
Originally a dancer trained in Pilates in the 70''s, she entered the world of fitness in the 80’s managing health club studios for years. 1990 she took fitness to the masses with the first massive fitness weekenders FitCamps. Creator of many exercise programmes including the video and book Legs Tums n Bums in the 90’s, to a series of consumer videos including a functional Pilates series featured by Sky TV. Recipient of many fitness awards including Industry Life Time Achievement award for her work developing the industry from IFS and World Educational Presenter of Excellence by Virgin Active.
Her life changed when crippling osteoarthritis appeared after fitness wore out her knees! She''s had eight knee reconstruction operations and currently a total knee replacement. Lydia knows what scar tissue does to the body and how vital movement and self-myofascia work is a must for a functional life. Teaching her clients how to take responsibility to cope with their physical dysfunction and pain with TPP Pilates and Pulseroll vibration training.
Ps A mum of 4 and fitness grandma of 6!

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Discover the advantage of vibration therapy using the Pulseroll''s Vibrating roller. Experience how to apply self- Myofascia principles to help alleviate chronic tightness to painful conditions. As vibration training enhances circulation and lymphatic flow. Fascia loves this enabling the body to feel free to cope with its functional requirement. The Pulseroll programme is ideal for home to use for functional fitness to a post rehab treatment under Physiotherapy supervision.
In the fitness world, the Pulseroll has a massive place catering for the elite athlete to the inactive.
Vital for restorative fitness as a class format '' Lets Vibrate to use in PT one to one, post sport to an aid in rehab recovery. We all know sitting is the next disease the Pulseroll has its place in the office aiding circulation to functional health. Come and try out on our stand and Let''s Vibrate together.