Owain Evans

Backspace Chiropractic Fitness

Owain graduated in 2009 from the University of South Wales with a Master of Chiropractic Degree. He has since practiced all over London before setting Backspace up in the heart of Clapham Common. He is also a Personal trainer and tri-planar kettlebell instructor, as is currently studying performance coaching and NLP. An exercise enthusiast himself, he decided to blend his skills as practitioner and trainer under one roof, to provide his patients with the complete package from start to finish, or from injury to performance enhancement.

He set up Backspace in 2016 and now hires Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Sports Massage Therapists and Personal trainers who work together to get the best results for their patients.

He mentors new graduates on patient management and technique, as well as rehabilitation and has published research into the neuromuscular effects of spinal manipulation.

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Using injury prevention training to grow your rehab practice

Often we get our patients better, only to set them off into the wild to find they’ve injured themselves again, despite giving them all the corrective exercises they could possibly ever need! By guiding them through the exercise process, beyond just rehab, we can ensure that they are more likely to train correctly, and prevent injury.

Owain set up his chiropractic and personal training practice in Clapham in 2016, and now has a team of 10. He’ll explain how he started his practice, and how he has grown it to it’s current level.