Steven Berkman


Steven graduated in South Africa as a physiotherapist in 1997 in the top 5 of his class. Steven started his career working in an industrial area MSK clinic in South Africa and then spent 5 years in the NHS as a Musculo-skeletal physiotherapist. In 2003 Steven made the move into full-time private practice and in 2008 Steven launched BOOST PHYSIO and opened his first High Street clinic in London. BOOST PHYSIO now has 4 High Street private physiotherapy clinics in London and has helped more than 18,000 patients.

Steve is married with 4 kids, has completed several marathons and triathlons, albeit slower than he would have liked!

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How I went from 90 appointments per month to 1,300+

Do you want to take your private practice to the next level? Find out how Steve took his physio practice from a treatment room in a gym with 90 appointments per month, to 4 High Street clinics in London seeing over 1,300 appointments per month. Do you want more appointments in your diary? Do you want to earn money even when you are on holiday or ill? Do you want to build a practice that one day is worth hundreds of thousands of pounds? Steve shares his journey as a physiotherapist and practice owner sharing his 5 strategic steps for private practice success that you can begin implementing today.