Wes Marshall


Wes Marshall qualified in Physiotherapy from the University of Hertfordshire in 1998. He has been lead physio at HertsPhysio his private practice in Hertfordshire since 2000. Specialising in musculoskeletal and sports injuries he has also worked in private hospitals. Wes also spent ten years working part time at Ipswich Town FC with both academy and professional players. Like most clinics, HertsPhysio sees more spinal problems than anything else. There appears to be an exponential rise in neck problems and the pain and spasm associated with them. This also includes the headache and periscapular region pain patterns that are so commonly described by patients. Wes was frustrated when gains during treatment were lost and so looked at other possible ways to make a difference. Feeling that products already on the market were flawed he decided to do something about it by moving into product development. necksaviour was born nearly three years ago and has proved very popular with therapists and Pilates/yoga instructors. necksaviour has been sold all over the world and has won three design excellence awards including silver at the Medical Design Excellence Awards 2016. Wes’ product development company Epiphany Innovations Ltd hopes to bring two new products to market in 2017.

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neck pain and necksaviour – What? Why? and how to use.

50% of adults suffer with neck pain at some point during the course of any year. Most therapists will see patients with neck problems and associated symptoms on a weekly if not daily basis. Frustratingly often, the improvement gained during treatment is lost between sessions.
There is increasing incidence of poor posture including from an early age, particularly with the overuse of phones and tablets. Posture correction, ergonomics and exercises are all essential but is there something else that can help?

This seminar cover problems, products and techniques that are available including necksaviour which is a brilliantly simple device that has won 3 design awards. It gently stretches the neck to help reduce pain and tension. It is also a headache reliever, a spinal alignment corrector and a posture/Pilates/yoga tool. It is ideal for both clinic and home use.